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 "The datti workshop didn't so much change my perspective on giving and receiving as it gave me an ecstatic and clear experience of what my original (childhood) experience really was, and an ongoing access to it. My daily relationship with everyone--from trees to rain to people--is richer and deeply authentic. Of all the transformational workshops I've done, this one has had the most lasting effect."

"Jesse Dow's  datti workshop is indeed a great gift! I experienced an expectation-surpassing journey that revised my perspective on money and resulted in great clarity and lightness of heart...on a topic that usually doesn't. :) 

Jesse creates a truly profound experience. The weekend was both a liberating paradigm shift and a deep experience of love--giving and receiving. What does that have to do with money? Sign up to find out!"

"A big thank you, gratitude and Prem Jesse Dow from the depths of our hearts. Your workshop cleared so much baggage we were carrying around Money. So many twisted foolish notions we attach to that do not serve us. You helped Amy, my wife, and I change our relationship with money for which we will forever be grateful. I recommend your work to everyone who is looking to change their relationship with what they think of as money. Taking the Antithesis of money in the Datti is a genius approach with which you bring a healthy delicacy and fascination. Our lives have changed since your workshop 6 months ago, we bought a house, we respect our time, habitual spending and cash with a healthier attitude and the future is more peaceful and loving because we are increasing our giving in the present. Thank you for showing us this way!"

As part of our ongoing work to bring deeper and wider awareness to the dream of a gift economy, we have created a transformational weekend workshop that we offer several times each year.

The workshop addresses our relationship to money. We explore together our truest heart's desire to give and receive on the deepest levels.

On Saturday, we come into full awareness of the story that we each hold around money. On Sunday, we transform the story.

The workshop is free, but you must commit to attending everything.

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Our next workshop will be February 6th and 7th, in Lafayette, Colorado.

Saturday, February 6th will begin at 9:00 am and end at 4:00 pm.

Sunday, February 7th will begin at 9:00 and end at 5:00.