Our Gift

If you are part of a strong community, and wish to begin to adopt a gift economy, then we would like to offer you a gift.

In the past, we have given coin molds and number stamps to anybody who wished to make coins, which turned out to fall far short of the real support that was necessary.

So our gift has expanded considerably. We have developed workshops, circles, and decision making processes, along with the skills to make the coins, so that intentional communities can really gather together and access this possibility.

Our current primary focus is on Ecovillages, Cohousing Communities, and spiritual/faith-based communities. But if you live in a coop or even just a tight-knit neighborhood, please let us know.

A lot of time and energy goes into this gift, so we're not offering it lightly.

If you live in an intentional community, and you have buy-in from your community to explore a gift economy, then contact us. We can't promise this gift to everybody, but we will very seriously consider every request.