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Next Datti Gift Garden Dinner and Circle

posted Jan 16, 2014, 4:37 PM by Jesse Dow
 We're having our next dinner and sharing circle tomorrow night, right here at Nyland Cohousing in Colorado, USA.

Many of us have come to a place where we understand and yearn for the fulfillment of this burgeoning gift economy. We simply have no idea how to create it yet. We recognize that we are facing internal as well as external barriers. We have internalized a trade-based perception so completely we all continue to struggle with concerns of fairness (it's not fair that I continue to give all these gifts, while other people don't), and we fear that we will be unable to care for ourselves if we focus on taking care of others.

And, externally, the simple fact is that most of us spend our days toiling for no better reason than to make money-- to survive. It doesn't nurture us. It doesn't fulfill us. Yet what other choice do we have?

And we get home from work and we glimpse over at a datti that is sitting on our desk or maybe our altar, and we think, 'I'll give that coin with a gift to someone tomorrow. I'm just too tired today.'

So a primary reason that we have initiated these circles is to explore our yearning (why does it feel like a gift economy is more in line with our natural selves), to explore our barriers, and to give each other gifts.

The gift economy movement is young and small. We are only just barely beginning to discover that we have much left to do. The truth is that we have not yet even begun.

So let it begin! Let our hearts soar!