Mold and Coin Maker Description

 There are three different kinds of mold makers and just the one kind of coin maker. The pictures below show the product of each stage.

Each of the pictures above are:

1. the original beeswax carving, which is the reverse of what we wanted the coin to be, so we make:
2. a silicone disk that is the reverse of the wax. It's the template for the actual coin.
3. We will use the silicone disk to make an original silicone mold. It is in every way like a mold for making coins, except that it's not going to be used that way. Instead it's going to be used to make master molds. We pour silicone over the original mold to make the master mold.
4. the master molds are perfect reverses of the coin molds. I pour silicone over the master mold to make the actual molds. I currently have four pairs (halves) of master molds, so that I can make four coin molds at a time.

Here is a description of the total process:

1. The original artist makes four sets of silicone coins (which takes four days-- one day per set because of curing time). Each set is two separate silicone coins, front and back.
2. I send the set to someone who has just signed up to become an original mold maker. In other words, This process can produce one new original mold maker ever four days (assuming that there are people to sign up).
3. Original mold makers can make four original molds per day maximum, and sends all four to a new master mold maker. Which means that each new original mold maker is able to create 1 new master mold maker per day. One today, another tomorrow, etc.
4. The master mold makers get 4 sets of original molds, so they can can make 4 master molds per day. They send the master molds to a new coin mold maker, who has just signed up. So each master mold maker can produce 1 new coin mold maker per day.
5. Coin mold makers can make 4 coin molds per day, which means that they can create 4 coin makers per day.

This is the maximum rate of growth. In reality, people may only make molds a couple of times per month, depending on the demand.

Click here to see the mind map of mold and coin making, which is a visual of the description above.