Ideas for Dattis

  1. Grow a gift garden

  2. Create a gift coffee shop one morning per month
  3. Have a dinner party
  4. Hold a gift house concert
  5. Give someone something they really need
  6. Send a bag of vegetable seeds to someone who is unemployed in Greece
  7. Send a solar powered lantern to someone in rural Africa
  8. Offer a workshop
  9. Dig someone a root cellar
  10. Wash someone's car
  11. Repair something
  12. Paint a picture
  13. Offer child care
  14. Give someone who doesn't have a car a ride
  15. Make dinner for someone who's always working
  16. Brew someone some beer
  17. Teach something
  18. Give someone a basil plant for their kitchen and decorate the pot
  19. Give someone your favorite book
  20. Make a sculpture
  21. Grow your Community
  22. Anything you can think of